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Finding Stanley in Vancouver’s Stanley Park

Stanley Park is Vancouver’s crowning glory. Its dense rainforest and pristine coastline belie its location at the doorstep of one of Canada’s largest cities. I visit the park often, usually for cycling, but I rarely take the time to truly appreciate how the park came to be and what it has to offer. I realized how little I knew about the park, including who this Stanley guy is. So, last week, I spent a slow, relaxed day in Stanley Park, on and off my bike, stopping at monuments, reading plaques, strolling through gardens, riding along lesser used trails, and finding Stanley, among other notable people.

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Thanksgiving on North Vancouver’s Mount Seymour

View from Mount Seymour's Third Peak

View from Mount Seymour’s Third Peak—Caroline Helbig

It’s Thanksgiving (Canadian), and I’ve just had the perfect day with good friends on North Vancouver’s Mount Seymour trail.  Vancouver’s North Shore is home to me, and while many of my posts are from further afield, it feels right that my Thanksgiving post is about a local gem.

Locals: if you like to hike and have not done this trail, do it. Visitors: if you want to experience the jaw-dropping natural beauty surrounding Vancouver, do it. I have done many North Shore hikes and this one is my current favourite. Why? Continue reading

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