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Chill Out in Egypt’s Siwa Oasis

Siwa's Shali fortress—Caroline Helbig
Siwa’s Shali fortress—Caroline Helbig

Egypt’s vast Western Desert boasts numerous interesting oases, but arguably, the one that best fits the non-desert dweller’s stereotypical image is the Siwa Oasis. Think lush palm groves, bubbling natural springs, and an alluring old town. Around the oasis lie shimmering salt lakes and an endless sand sea.

Isolated in the far western reaches of Egypt, 800 dusty kilometers from Cairo, it takes time and effort to get to Siwa, but you’ll be rewarded with an amazing “off the beaten path” experience. While Siwa has some impressive historical monuments that are worth visiting, it’s really a place to chill out and absorb the oasis magic.

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