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Paddling the Broken Group Islands in Comfort at the Sechart Lodge


Relaxing in Sechart’s hot tub after a day of paddling—C.Helbig

“We’re the closest hot tub to the Broken Islands,” says Nancy, one of the managers at the Sechart Lodge on Vancouver Island’s Barkley Sound. That’s music to the ear for anyone who has kayaked through the frigid waters and often fog-laden air of this magnificent archipelago. Until recently, I had no idea that you could kayak the Broken Group Islands, part of Pacific Rim National Park, in warm, dry comfort. Last weekend, we had the pleasure of staying at Sechart Lodge. It’s the only viable non-camping option for kayaking the Broken Islands, and a haven for nature lovers and relaxation seekers. Continue reading

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Re-discovering Ucluelet: Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim

Wya Beach near Ucluelet, BC—Caroline Helbig

Wya Beach near Ucluelet, BC—Caroline Helbig

I hadn’t been to Ucluelet in years. I had become a Tofino junkie and sadly had not considered using Ucluelet as a base for a Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim holiday. What a mistake! I re-discovered the charming town of Ukee, as it’s known by locals, this summer and was totally enamoured. It plays second fiddle to popular Tofino, 40 kilometers to the north, but offers the same, if not better, wild west coast experience, minus the crowds. Read on about some of the things I particularly enjoyed in and around Ukee. Continue reading

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