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Beyond the Mezquita: Discovering Córdoba, Spain


Inside the Mezquita—C.Helbig

I confess, before visiting southern Spain I would not have been able to place Córdoba on a map. I had no idea about the city’s historical significance and had never heard of the Mezquita—a magnificent mosque with a huge cathedral plonked in the middle of it. Originally, Córdoba had not been on our loosely cobbled-together 4-week itinerary. But that all changed as our trip was nearing its end and my Lonely Planet Spain kept luring me with images of the Mezquita. How could we pass up a side trip to Córdoba when we were so close (only a 45-minute train ride from Sevilla). I’m so glad we heeded the call of the Mezquita and discovered Córdoba. Continue reading

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The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain—A Church Inside a Mosque?


Distinctive Mezquita arches combine with Baroque adornments—C.Helbig

A Roman temple that became a church that transformed into a mosque and then reverted back to a church, the Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba (Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba) is as bizarre as it is magnificent. I’ve seen many beautiful churches and a handful of gorgeous mosques, but until visiting Córdoba had never seen a church—a massive cathedral— inside an enormous mosque. The styles are completely incongruous, but somehow the crazy sequence of construction, renovation, and recycling by Ancient Romans, Visgoths, Muslim Emirs and Roman Catholic Monarchs has created one of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring places of worship in the world. Continue reading

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