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Snorkeling with Sea Lions at Los Islotes, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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My family snorkeling with sea lions at Los Islotes, Baja California Sur—Ruben Sandoval/David Oguey

Two of the best days of my life involved snorkeling with a colony of friendly sea lions. The first, many years ago, was in the Galapagos. The second, a few weeks ago, was at Los Islotes, a small cluster of tiny islands just north of Isla Espíritu Santo in Mexico’s Baja California Sur. The only way I can describe sharing the water with these amazing marine mammals is pure joy. I was completely mesmerized as they surrounded us with their graceful acrobatics. I’m thrilled to be including photos of this intensely uplifting experience (courtesy of fellow guests and ROW Sea Kayak Adventures). Continue reading

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Playa Balandra, Mexico—My Jaw is Still Stuck in the Sand


Balandra Beach, Baja California Sur, Mexico—C.Helbig

Picture a tranquil bay with intensely turquoise water and golden swaths of sand, all embraced by stark, copper-hued mountains. Imagine the absence of resorts, restaurants, golf courses and jet-skis. Welcome to Balandra Bay, in Mexico’s Baja California Sur, the most stunningly beautiful beach area I have ever visited. Only a 40 minute drive from La Paz, a city of over a quarter million, and just a few hours from the mega-resorts of Cabo San Lucas, Balandra remains undeveloped. My hat goes off to the residents and local government of La Paz who have resisted the lure of tourism dollars and fought for years to protect their beloved Balandra. In 2012, the Mexican government made Balandra Bay an Area of Flora and Fauna Protection. Continue reading

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