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El Fishawy: Cairo’s Oldest Cafe

Smoking sheesha at Cairo's El Fishawy Cafe

Smoking sheesha at Cairo’s El Fishawy Cafe—Caroline Helbig

In the heart of Islamic Cairo, deep in the maze of narrow passages of Khan el-Khalili bazaar, El Fishawy Cafe has been serving tea, coffee, and sheesha to locals and travelers for over two centuries.

We had been mosque viewing, trinket bargaining, and death-by-Cairo-traffic evading for most of the day. We were tired and needed a break. I had read about El Fishawy, one of the longest running coffee and smoke shops in the world, and was determined to lead my family to Cairo’s most famous cafe. Continue reading

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Tackling Cairo: A Survival Guide

Exploring the bustling alleyways of Cairo

Exploring the bustling alleyways of Cairo—Michael Sharp

It’s not love at first sight with Cairo. The city of over nine million (20 million in Greater Cairo) can be hell for those accustomed to rules, order, and space. Cairo is a polluted, chaotic, traffic-chocked mess. But, in a most peculiar way, Cairo’s unpleasantness is part of its appeal. Cairo bursts with vitality. I’d hate to live there, but it charged me, gave me energy, and provided me with some extraordinary travel memories. Give Cairo a chance, it just might grow on you…or not.

Here’s a lighthearted guide to surviving Cairo, and even enjoying it. Continue reading

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