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My Favourite Spanish Pueblo Blanco…hmm?


One of many beauty spots in Spain’s Pueblos Blancos (Grazelema)—C.Helbig

November, 2015. The pueblos blancos (white towns) that dot southern Spain’s Andalucia region are consistently postcard perfect. Many are sprawled on the side of a hill, or perched on top of a steep-sided cliff. They are usually dominated by a giant church or fortress or both. Their whitewashed buildings are brilliant against the deep blue Spanish sky and vivid pinks of flowering bougainvilleas. Their Moorish past lends an exotic charm.

We stayed in four white towns as we slowly made our way from Granada to Cadiz. They are all magnificent and share many similarities, but we discovered that each has its own vibe and special features.  Continue reading

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The Itinerant Itinerary: Spanish Steps


Like travel, these mudejar style tiles surprise and delight me. Capilla de San Bartolome, Cordoba—C.Helbig

Mike and I just returned from four weeks in Spain. This destination has been high on our list of places to go, and with our son, Alex, studying in Sevilla this semester, the time was right. Sort of. Shortly after we made our flight reservations, my mother became seriously ill. We put all other pre-bookings on hold fearing we might have to cancel. As it turns out, the trip went ahead, albeit, last minute. My wonderful sister stepped in as Florence Nightingale. We left with only our first few nights booked in Barcelona. The rest was a clear slate. I hadn’t done this “on the fly” traveling since backpacking in the early 90’s. Ironically, my mom’s unfortunate state led to a refreshingly different travel experience. Continue reading

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