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Diving Down the Chimney at Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall

Little Cayman's Bloody Bay Marine Park—Caroline Helbig

Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Marine Park—Caroline Helbig

He’s leading the pack, right on the tailfins of the dive master. I know he’s excited about this dive, but you’d think he might at least turn back and give his old mom the OK sign before heading down the chimney. Isn’t that what we’d agreed upon up top? But this is far more exhilarating than any amusement park ride and my 17 year old son is charged with endorphins. Guess I’m following my dive “buddy” down the chimney on Little Cayman Island’s Bloody Bay Wall. Ho ho ho, wish me luck and see you at 8o feet where the chimney empties onto the sheer wall that plummets to the abyss. Continue reading

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