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Happy New Year: My Favourite Local Nature Spots with my Favourite People


Happy New Year!

My best wishes to all my readers, whether you have just celebrated New Year or do so at a different time. I hope you are blessed with happiness and health. Thank you for continuing to read my blog posts. It gives me great pleasure to write about my travel and local adventures. I love that I’ve “gotten to know” many of you and that you’ve inspired me with your passions.  My list of places to go and hikes to do keeps growing thanks to you. I will keep my rambles short for once with a post featuring some of my favourite spots close to home—Vancouver’s North Shore and Sea to Sky corridor—with my favourite people. Continue reading

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Cypress Falls Park: My Favourite Rainy Season Hike

Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver—C.Helbig

Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver—C.Helbig

It’s cold, wet, and dark. November is a nasty month on Vancouver’s North Shore. It’s tough to get motivated to do a hike. But, when I can muster the motivation, I head to Cypress Falls Park in West Vancouver. This little gem of a hike is at its best during our soggy season. The creek is transformed into a raging torrent, waterfalls are dramatically swollen, ferns hang heavy with beads of moisture, mosses are resplendent and trails turn into wet, muddy obstacle courses.  Hollywood could not find a better set for a primordial rain forest scene. Continue reading

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