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The Albayzin District of Granada, Spain: Medieval Moorish Splendour


Granada’s Albayzin District with view to the Alhambra—C.Helbig

November 3-5, 2015. If you’ve read my post on the Alhambra, you’ll know how much I love this spectacular monument. I also love the area we stayed in. Granada’s Albayzin district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site steeped in its medieval Moorish past. It’s a magical place, sprawled on the side of a hill with narrow cobblestone streets, traditional tea rooms, and the best views of the Alhambra. You’re guaranteed to get lost in its tangled labyrinth, but it’s a joy when every turn brings another wow scene.

The “getting here” instructions (below) from our guest house website, gave us a sense of the Albayzin’s delightfully confusing, pedestrian-only layout. I had a good feeling about the place.

“No matter how you arrive to Granada you need to get to the pick up point.  Which is Aljibe de las Tomasas (known as the stop to get to Restaurante El Agua).  The Restaurante is not exactly there, so don’t go looking for it, but it is how the Taxi drivers know where to drop you off.  Please wait for us where you are dropped off to avoid getting lost.” Continue reading

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“Somos Idiotas”: Embarrassing Blunder at Granada’s Alhambra


Garden of the Partal, Alhambra Granada—C.Helbig

November 5, 2015. “You’ll never get in,” nattered the German man behind us in the queue when I told him that the entrance time on our e-ticket was 3 pm. We were in a painfully slow ticket line at Granada’s Alhambra, an Islamic fortress and palace built primarily during the Nasrid Kingdom, established in 1238. The Alhambra is one of Spain’s biggest attractions and endures as the finest example of Moorish architecture and art in Europe. “They didn’t let us into the palace last year, and we were only a few minutes late,” the man continued. If only I hadn’t struck up a conversation with him, but I wanted to practice my German. Continue reading

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