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Don’t let anyone tell you that Colombo is not worth a visit

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Galle Face Geen, Colombo

I enjoyed Colombo much more than I thought I would. I’d read many reviews that describe Sri Lanka’s capital city as not worth a visit, and plagued by traffic congestion, noise and pollution. Sure it has some of these issues, but not worth a visit—no way. We spent a couple of days there at the start of our trip and it turned out to be a fascinating introduction to the country. What I like most about Colombo is its vibrant and diverse public spaces. The city buzzes with energy, and nowhere is this better displayed than in Pettah’s market streets and at Galle Face Green—my two favourite experiences in Colombo (and among my top memories of our entire trip). Continue reading

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Happy days in Sri Lanka: Highlights of a 3 1/2 week trip


Cave temples of Dambulla

Mike and I returned home from Sri Lanka just a week before the heinous Easter Sunday terrorist attacks. I’m still shocked and sad, and have had trouble figuring out what to do with this post. While vacationing in Sri Lanka may not be at the top of your list at the moment, I want to share with you the country we experienced—its stunning beauty, rich culture, friendly people, abundant wildlife and delicious food. Tourism is so vital to the Sri Lankan economy and the livelihoods of many people. I hope for peace and stability so visitors will return to this gorgeous country. Over the next months I’ll be writing detailed reports about our trip; for now, here are the highlights of the happy days we spent in Sri Lanka. Continue reading

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My heart goes out to the people of Sri Lanka

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A family enjoys a stroll at Colombo’s Galle Face Green

Easter Sunday. I wake up to the shocking news of the attacks in Sri Lanka. At last count, at least 207 people killed and 450 injured*. Just a week ago, we arrived home from 23 wonderful days in Sri Lanka.  There’s a post in my WordPress drafts that I had intended to publish today: My favourite moments in Sri Lanka—all sparkling beaches, pretty hikes and playful monkeys. In the aftermath of the appalling attacks it just doesn’t feel right. Instead, I’m starting my Sri Lanka series with a photo collage in gratitude for the daily joy we experienced thanks to the Sri Lankan people. Everywhere we travelled in the country, from the southern beaches to the northern tip of Jaffna, we were met with kindness, openness and smiles. My thoughts are with the victims, their families and all the people of Sri Lanka. May your resilience and positive spirits help you weather this tragedy. Continue reading

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