Bizarro Bohol, Philippines: Pythons, Chocolate Hills, and Yoda…


Say cheese. One of the cheesy displays at Sagbayan Peak, Chocolate Hills—C.Helbig

March 16, 2015 After several days of diving off Bohol’s Pangalao Island, I was hit by a bug. Nothing too nasty but I didn’t feel up to another day of diving. I also didn’t want to “waste” a precious day of our short time in Bohol lying on a lawn chair. So, on a whim, we signed up for a Bohol countryside tour. When it comes to planning our travel excursions, I’m not usually an “on a whim” kind of gal, but I figured an easy day of being chauffeured in an air conditioned minivan might just be the ticket.  Our weird and wacky day seemed to cure what ailed me. Continue reading

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Island Hopping in Coron, Philippines and the Entrance Fee Pirates

Approach to Twin Lagoons, Coron island-hopping tour—C. Helbig

Approach to Twin Lagoons, Coron island-hopping tour—C. Helbig

It was difficult to drag my guys from the deep, dark, and dangerous wreck diving in Coron Bay. But I needed an above water, bright, and safe diversion. Plus, for months now, I had been drooling over Lonely Planet and Google images of hidden bays with turquoise waters surrounding by towering limestone cliffs. This is what I had come to see, and it was only a short boat ride from our scuba diving base at Sangat Island Resort. Off we go on an all day, island-hopping tour to spectacular Coron Island. Watch out for pirates! Continue reading

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Wreck Diving in Coron Bay, Philippines

Anemonefish (Clownfish) on the Morazan deck.

Anemonefish (Clownfish) on the Morazan deck.

“Up” I indicated with my finger pointing to the hatch. I think the dive master could read the anxiety in my eyes. We had just passed through two dark cargo holds inside the 200 m long Okikawa Maru. I had felt an eerie thrill floating through the passageways of the WWII Japanese freighter, but now I wanted out. My panic eased as I swam through the hatch and was greeted by sunlight and a deck covered with spectacular corals and anemones (though I still look a little stressed in the photo above). Continue reading

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