100th Post: Ten Places that have “Stuck with Me”


Skyline Ridge Loop at Sea to Sky Gondola, Squamish, British Columbia

I was going to continue with my Laos series when I noticed that this is my 100th post. To celebrate, I decided to do a post about places that have stuck in my mind and in my heart. It was a tough exercise limiting this to only ten (there are many runners up). I took a broad approach to the word “place” and the list includes countries, regions, and provinces. A few of the places are from visits that happened long before I’d ever heard the word “blog” or even used a computer, and I’m happy to be sharing these “old” favourites. Thank you for reading, for your likes and comments, and motivating me to keep at it. Continue reading

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Namibia: Landscapes that Fuel my Travel Passion

NamibRand Nature Reserve—C.Helbig

NamibRand Nature Reserve—C.Helbig

I recently met with a group of enthusiastic girls in Grade 6 who are doing a very cool school project about their passion—which happens to be travel. Their teacher is a friend of mine and asked me whether I’d mind if the girls “interviewed” me. Talk about travel…absolutely! Their questions made me think a lot about the places that particularly touched me. One of these places is Namibia, in southern Africa. It is the most visually stunning country I have visited. My favourite photo in my  images roster was taken in Namibia. This post shares more images of a country whose harsh and exquisite desert landscapes fuel my passion for travel.

My favourite image: Dune 45, Sossesvlei, Namibia—C.helbig

My favourite image: Dune 45, Sossusvlei, Namibia—C.Helbig

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