White black bear encounter in the Canadian Rockies

White-phase black bear in Kananaskis, Alberta

Something large, white and moving catches my eye high up on a rocky ridge on a hiking trail near Canmore, Alberta. My first thought is that it’s a mountain goat, but it’s not the right shape and doesn’t have a goat-like gait. We’re about 100 m (330 ft) away but our telephoto lens confirms that it’s a bear—a creamy white one. It turns out to be a rare, white-phase black bear. We’ve just witnessed something that is only spotted about once a year in the Alberta Rockies. I’m over the moon.

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Numb Feet and Eye Candy on Burstall Pass: Kananaskis, Alberta

The Burstall Pass hike is well worth the numb feet—C.Helbig

The Burstall Pass hike is well worth the numb feet—C.Helbig

My sister has been living in Canmore, Alberta for 20 years. Her “go to” hike for showcasing the mighty Rockies is Burstall Pass in Kananaskis Country (or as the locals say, K-Country). She gets a lot of visitors to beautiful Canmore, and when they want to hike she takes them to Burstall Pass. The trailhead is a scenic 45-minute drive from town and the hike always gets rave reviews. This time, with my hubby and me in tow, was no exception. Be prepared to get your feet wet, and come along for the trek. Continue reading

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