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WINE-der WOMAN at the Oliver Osoyoos Half Corked Marathon


Team Wine-der Woman running through the vineyards—C.Helbig

It’s my favourite weekend of the year! It’s filled with belly laughs, outrageous silliness and much wine consumption with great friends. This is our fourth year participating in the Oliver Osoyoos Half Corked Marathon, an annual event that takes place in the vineyards of British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley. Named the 2017 Canadian Event of the Year at the Canadian Tourism Awards, the “marathon” is an 18 km (11.2 mile) course that winds its way through bucolic countryside with more than a dozen wine tasting and food sampling stops along the way. There are no prizes for speed, only creativity. After being pushed off the podium last year, we were thrilled to reclaim first prize with our WINE-der WOMAN costume. Continue reading

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The Festivities Continue at Vancouver’s Chinese Lantern Festival


Entrance arches at Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival—C.Helbig

January can be a bit of a letdown after the merriment of Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s celebrations. A few nights ago, I was thrilled to get another festive jolt at the Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival.  Lantern displays featuring everything from giant dragons to smiling trees light up the night sky at the Pacific National Coliseum (PNE) complex. The holidays have come and gone for many of us, but this festive event runs through January 21. The bonus: no holiday traffic, parking issues and crowds to contend with. Continue reading

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Team “Make America Grape Again” at the Half Corked Marathon


One of our lovely team members modelling “the cap”—C.Helbig

A few weeks ago, six pals and I participated in one of our favourite events of the year: The Osoyoos-Oliver Half Corked Marathon in British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley. We pride ourselves on coming up with clever and current wine-related costumes for the 18 km walk/run through the vineyards. Some readers may remember us as The Real House Wines of Vancouver and The Walking Red. This year our good neighbours to the south provided the inspiration. We thank you. And, in Canadian fashion, offer up apologies if our mockathon antics cause any offence. Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Mudders Get Dirty in Whistler, British Columbia


The Walking Dead Mudders nail the “I got your back” obstacle.

A few weekends ago, I was crawling through muddy pits, swinging from tires, and careening down a slide into an icy pool. Somehow I managed to convince four of my pals to join me in these antics at Mudderella in Whistler. They’re the best, and share my passion for donning crazy costumes and entering fun running events. We realized a long time ago we could never win on speed so we put our efforts into costume design. The Walking Dead Mudders were a hit, and unlike some of our pretty lululemon-clad competitors, our look just kept getting better the dirtier and more tattered we got.

Some of you may have heard about, or participated in Tough Mudder. Mudderella is an offshoot of this event, designed for women. It involves a 10 km muddy run through an obstacle course that challenges balance, strength, stamina, and mental fortitude. It’s not as hard core as Tough Mudder but it ain’t no girly event either. Fellas are allowed to participate provided they’re invited by a registered female participant. Continue reading

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Zumba in Zihua Here I Come!

Zumba Vancouver and Mexican instructors at Zihua Zumbaton

Zumba Vancouver and Mexican instructors at Zihuaton Zumba

What possessed me to sign up for a Zumba trip to Zihuatanejo, Mexico with 28 virtual strangers? Perhaps it was the endorphin high that kicks in every time I take a class with Luglio—a handsome Costa Rican whose body moves with gorgeous fluidity. Maybe it was because even on a gloomy Vancouver day, a Zumba session transports me to a steamy nightclub in Havana.

Continue reading

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The Walking Red at the Half Corked Marathon

IMG_0505 copy

The Walking Red at the 2014 Half Corked Marathon

Last year, we sashayed our way to victory at the Oliver-Osoyoos Half Corked Marathon—not for fastest time but for the coveted best costume award. This year, the Real House Wines of Vancouver returned, hoping to reclaim glory. Swapping mini skirts and big, blonde hair for tattered frocks and gore, the real house wines had gone bad…very bad. Emerging as The Walking Red, we zombie-shuffled our way through 18 km of beautiful wine country, refreshing ourselves at 15 wine tasting stations and gorging on a few unfortunate brains along the route. Continue reading

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The Real House Wines at the Oliver-Osoyoos Half Corked Marathon

Our team: The Vancouver House Wines Road 13 winery during Half Corked Marathon—Caroline Helbig

Our team: The Real House Wines pose at Road 13 winery during Half Corked Marathon—Caroline Helbig

A “marathon” where imbibing along an 18km route of bucolic countryside is encouraged? Aid stations that serve wine and cheese? Creative costume design valued over speed? Sign me up! Registration for the May 24, 2014 run is happening now. Read about last year’s fun.

Five gal pals and I had a blast at the 4th Annual Half Corked Marathon, hosted by the towns of Oliver and Osoyoos, in British Columbia’s Okanagan. We ran (or rather, hobbled) the beautiful course, taking breaks at 12 wineries that served up delectable samples. At the finish line, 14 additional wineries provided tasty adult refreshments. Continue reading

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