Hollyburn Peak, Cypress Provincial Park: Snowshoeing Season is on!


Hollyburn Peak, Cypress Provincial Park—C.Helbig

I momentarily interrupt my Utah/Arizona series for a post from sunny Vancouver. Yup, after months of rain and gloom the last few days have been glorious, and we’ve had a whack-load of snow, with more to come. It has been a fun week in the white stuff— skiing in Whistler and today a gorgeous trek up Hollyburn Peak with my friend Nicole. My mood is so drastically buoyed from the clear skies that I just had to share some photos from Hollyburn Peak in Cypress Provincial Park—one of my go-to winter favourites.

Hollyburn Peak trail is very popular especially on sunny weekends, but today it was beautifully peaceful. The well-marked trail is 7 km (4.3 miles) return and gains 430 m (1410 ft.) It’s a steady uphill but the brutally steep part is saved for the last section where many people are tempted to turn back. Don’t! The 360 degree views at the top (when it’s clear) are outstanding. And, it’s super fun sliding back down on your behind. Some folks bring crazy carpets or garbage bags to enhance the ride. I’ve never bothered and hence have worn through my snow pants.


View across Strait of Georgia from Hollyburn Peak—C.Helbig


View toward Grouse Mountain from Hollyburn Peak—C.Helbig


The Coast Mountains—C.Helbig


View to Black Mountain from Hollyburn Peak—C.Helbig


View to Vancouver and Burrard Inlet—C.Helbig


Raven enjoying the view at Hollyburn Peak—C.Helbig


Me taking a breathing and scenery break—C.Helbig

Cypress Provincial Park is in West Vancouver, about a 30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver. Hollyburn Peak trail starts at the cross country skiing parking lot. Snowshoes are the preferred footwear for fresh snow, but it usually gets trampled down pretty quickly so microspikes will do the trick.  If you don’t have snowshoes they’re available for rent.

I’ll be back to the sunny US Southwest in my next post.


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23 thoughts on “Hollyburn Peak, Cypress Provincial Park: Snowshoeing Season is on!

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  3. Great photos! Snowshoeing is definitely my favorite winter activity. Around here (Helena, MT) if you don’t have something you enjoy doing in the snow, winter can be a real drag. Here is my new blog – only 4 posts so far, but two of them are snowshoe hikes (lots of photos): https://bigskywalker.com/2016/12/27/casey-peak-in-winter/
    Thanks – bigskywalker.com

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  4. the photos are magical! looove them

    btw your whole blog is such an inspiration! xx

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  5. Gorgeous photos! I love Hollyburn. It is the scene of my first ever x-country skiing experience back when I was 23 and on my first visit to Canada from Australia. I stayed with my sister and her husband and another couple at Hollyburn Lodge for a few days. It was magical. And still is.

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    • What great memories Alison. It is indeed a magical place. Did you know that Hollyburn Lodge is being rebuilt? I had hoped it would be completed for the start of this ski season but apparently not. I’ve had many wonderful hot chocolates and warming soups there. I hope they have kept its rustic cosiness. Cold here this week but beautifully sunny…no complaints!

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  6. Habiba

    Amazing snaps! 😍

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  7. Simply breathtaking! Your photos are beyond gorgeous. Sunny, December, and Vancouver might define oxymoron, but talk about a spectacular reprieve from the cold and rain! So happy that you were able to get out and enjoy all of that sublime PNW beauty. Love the sense of stillness in your captures.

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    • Thanks. All you folks who live in sunnier places probably think I’m a bit of a nutbar with my complaining about the rain and then raving about a sunny day. I may well be. But yes, it truly was a spectacular reprieve. The weather forecast is looking good for a chunk of the coming week so I’m going to get out as much as I can.


  8. These photos are so beautiful (as always), I really want to move there 🙂 have a great weekend Caroline.

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  9. Such magnificent photographs as I sit here in hot tropical Sri Lanka. I do miss the snow, but not the long dreary winters of Chicago.

    The trees all heavy with snow make magnificent sculptures glistening in the sunlight. Love the raven perched on top. WOW! Very dramatic.

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  10. Beautiful!

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  11. Your photos make winter look good 🙂

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  12. A winter wonderland indeed! All those trees covered in snow are gorgeous!

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  13. Anonymous

    So beautiful!

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